FinTech Booster Event Series 2023

Advancing AI in Finance

Boost your knowledge & Network in Under 2 Hours

7 November 2023 | Online

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The unique Booster event format

The knowledge-boost for busy people! In just 2 hours, you will receive very specific insights and strategies from our expert speakers. Additionally, during the Q&A sessions, you will learn concrete expert advice for your questions and the challenges of other participants. You will leave the event with enthusiasm and a list of action points!


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Expect hands-on tips, case studies, and strategies. Our speakers focus on sharing know-how that you can implement instantly.


Our program team and our speakers work hard to deliver know-how for the most relevant topics and trends.

The Event Format

Whats Special about the event

1) Know-how Booster Talks

Renowned thought leaders and industry experts will deliver three dynamic talks, each lasting 20 minutes, all under the same thought-provoking topic umbrella.

2) Expert Ansers & Feedback

Following the talks, dive deeper into the topic of the day with an engaging hour-long live Q&A session. Here, you'll have the opportunity to apply gain additional insights and answers to your specific questions and challenges.

Who should attend

The “Advancing AI in Finance” event is designed for individuals and professionals with an interest or involvement in the fintech industry. This event is suitable for:


Proven AI & Fintech experts

We are thrilled to introduce our lineup of distinguished speakers for the upcoming Advancing AI in Finance Booster Event. Get ready to be inspired, informed, and empowered by these industry leaders.

Gaia Elena Pucci

Product Portfolio Manager @ Analytics & AI Products, UniCredit (Italy)

As a Product Portfolio Manager leveraging on a more than 10 years of expertise in Digital Strategy and Customer Centricity, she play a pivotal role within the Analytics & AI Products Area of UniCredit, with a primary objective of enhancing product comprehension and adoption across a diverse global audience, emphasising the significance of AI education, user understanding, and cultural sensitivity in the ever-evolving landscape of the financial industry.

The Global Analytics & AI Products Area of UniCredit, leading European bank at the forefront of innovation, is a center of excellence for the development of high-quality Advanced Analytics and AI products with proven business benefits, focusing on a strategic framework based on 4Ps: Platform, Product, People, and Profit, to accelerate AI adoption at scale across the entire bank’s strategy, while ensuring operational autonomy and up-skilling for operational workforce.

Yulia Myronova

CEO & Co-founder, Yainvest

Yulia Myronova, CEO and Co-founder of Yainvest, brings over 15 years of financial expertise, having worked with prominent organizations like UBS, Swiss Re’s iptiQ, and BCG. She’s an alumna of both the London Business School and Columbia Business School.

Together with co-founder Enrico De Giorgi, a distinguished mathematician and the head of the Institute of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of St. Gallen, they’ve garnered accolades, such as the TOP10 Swiss Fintech Startups 2023 by, showcasing their outstanding leadership in the financial industry.

Enrico De Giorgi

Professor, SFI Swiss Finance Institute

Enrico De Giorgi is a distinguished mathematician with a wealth of experience in academia and financial innovation. As a Professor of Mathematics, he adeptly harnesses theoretical and quantitative models to unravel the intricacies of decision-making, with a particular focus on financial choices made by individuals.

He serves as a Professor of Mathematics, Director of the Institute of Mathematics and Statistics, and Deputy Head of the Department of Economics at the University of St. Gallen (HSG).

This commitment to practical innovation led to the establishment of BhFS Behavioural Finance Solutions, an enterprise that seamlessly integrates academic research in Behavioral Finance into the realms of financial decision-making, wealth management, and portfolio management. Enrico’s enduring pursuit of advancing the fusion of science and business is evident in his remarkable contribution to the financial landscape.

Sébastien de Brouwer

Chief Policy Officer, European Banking Federation

Sébastien de Brouwer, Chief Policy Officer at EBF, oversees all EBF policy areas and related functions. He’s a board member of the European Payment Council and EFRAG, a member of the European Banking Authority Banking Stakeholders Group, and Secretary to the European Banking Industry Committee.

Sébastien has a Law Degree from the Catholic University of Louvain-la-Neuve, postgraduate qualifications in International law (University of Leiden) and Business Studies (London School of Economics and Political Science), and a certificate in corporate governance from INSEAD. Prior to joining the EBF in 2006, he held significant roles in the Belgian Federation of the financial industry, an international bank, and an insurance company.

DR. Holger Bartel

CEO, RealRate

Dr. Holger Bartel, CEO of RealRate, leads the charge in revolutionizing financial analysis. RealRate, the first AI rating agency, achieved notable milestones in the past year, covering 20+ US industries and 2000+ listed companies. Dr. Bartel’s track record includes securing Deutsche Bank as a client with just five employees in his first startup and a distinguished career in insurance.

Recognized as a “Top 20 Insurtech CEO,” Dr. Bartel is committed to making financial ratings transparent and unbiased using AI. Holger was also “Head Of Life Insurance Mathematics” at Gothaer insurance for nearly 6 years. His talk will leave you inspired to reshape the financial landscape for the better.


4 Talks, Live Q&A, 2 Hours

4 expert talks and interactive live Q&A with the 5 experts are waiting for you. Join us!

Know-how Booster Talks

Listen, learn and get inspired by three to-the-point presentations

9:00 CET

Gaia Elena Pucci

Product Portfolio Manager @ Analytics & AI Products, UniCredit (Italy)


UniCredit Case Study: Building the Future with AI

  • How UniCredit has effectively utilized AI education and cultural transformation to bolster product adoption
  • How AI technology can be leveraged to optimize processes, fostering innovation and competitiveness in their own institutions

9:20 CET

Yulia Myronova Enrico De Giorgi

CEO & Co-founder Yainvest (Switzerland)

Professor, SFI Swiss Finance Institute


Analysing Behavioural Biases Data with Machine Learning

  • The significance of merging Behavioural Finance principles with technology to improve lives

  • How machine learning can be used to identify behavioural mistakes in spending patterns

9:40 CET

Sébastien de Brouwer

Chief Policy Officer, European Banking Federation (Belgium)


AI in Banking – it’s here! Ensuring the Right Regulatory Framework

  • The insights into the adoption of AI within the banking industry – current challenges and opportunities

  • The strategies related to establishing a regulatory framework for AI in banking

10:00 CET

Dr. Holger Bartel

CEO, RealRate (Germany)


Explaining the AI Black Box using Human Knowledge

  • The imperative of making AI models explainable and the need to distinguish causation from correlation.

  • Insights and tips for advancing causal understanding in AI

Expert LIVE Q&A

Join this deep-dive. Listen, learn, or ask your questions (requires PRO Ticket) to our experts.

10:20-11:00 CET

ALl 5 Experts

Answering and discussing your questions and challenges

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